Cold Pressed British Rapeseed Oil – 500ml

A kitchen cupboard staple and a super, family friendly choice. With its high burn point littleseed oil is perfect to roast, stir fry, bake and drizzle too.


Pizza Drizzle Oil - 250ml

With Chilli, Oregano & Garlic blended with our cold pressed rapeseed oil, this is a delicious and spicy drizzle. The perfect oil to add some bang to the simplest of pizza. Just drizzle over before or after cooking and you’re away!


Potato Wedges Oil - 250ml

Our cold pressed rapeseed oil along with Garlic & Herbs ready to drizzle generously over your potato wedges. Toss through before roasting to get great flavour with minimum fuss!


Spicy Stir Fry Oil - 250ml

Ginger, Chilli & Garlic added to our cold pressed rapeseed oil for the perfect drizzle for your stir fry, during or after cooking, for a full flavoured kick. The more you add, the hotter it gets!