It’s all about us! 


Littleseed has been born from a passion for great British food, a love of farming and the British countryside. Our roots have been in agriculture for over 15 years, and we are dedicated to passing this appetite of ours to the next generation! Surrounded by the great outdoors, we enjoy all it has to offer. We farm come rain or shine, and a life out in the fresh air leads us to experience some wonderful things. Be sure to follow our blog and social media for a glimpse into our farming life and how we live life day to day.

The littleseed team is made up from a bunch of dedicated foodies. Our aim – to produce a simple, natural product and to inspire you with delicious recipe inspiration making your life easier in the kitchen.

Our passion to shout out about wholesome, great tasting food has brought us to where we stand today. Add that to our commitment to British agriculture and education and we think that just about sums us up!

We hope you enjoy using our oil, be sure to join our newsletter for tasty updates and all the news on littleseed farm!


Our cold press promise


We promise that every bottle of our oil is extra virgin and comes from the first, and only, pressing of each harvest. Furthermore, we guarantee that at no stage of pressing is our oil chemically messed with or heat treated. Our oil remains exactly as nature intended it and is simply cold pressed, for natural goodness.

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